Along with factory automation, there is an increasing need for sensor technology that can diagnose processes.
Existing optical sensor technology is suitable for dry etching equipment such as dry etcher, However CVD When applied to thin film deposition equipment, its use is limited due to issues such as decreased reliability due to the accumulation of chamber films.
HeMos is a product that compensates for these shortcomings. It can Quality prevention and preservation Through in-situ process monitoring and Through in-situ thickness monitoring It can contribute to replacement of thickness measurement, process control through ARS implementation, and improvement of thickness distribution.

“In-situ Monitoring System”

HeMoS : In-situ Process Monitoring System

“Big data 분석(A.I 기술 접목)”

Product specification

Input method SMA Type Coaxial cable
(RG400 50A SMA Type)
Output method RS-232C
(D-sub 9pin)
Pin2 : RX
Pin3 : TX
Pin5 : GND
Pin1,4,6,7,8,9 : N.C
Operation power 12V
(CPC Connector 4P Round)
Pin 1 : + (12V)
Pin 2 : – (GND)
Product size 140 X 70 X 60 (mm)