Semiconductor/DISPLAY chambers and internal structures made by Al and Ni, because it’s Good electrical conductivity and excellent corrosion resistance
High quality characteristics according to device shrinkage Corrosion-resistant, plasma-resistant, chemical-resistant as required consequently Applied external coating such as anodizing, Y2O3, ALD with excellent properties. However, in processes above 200℃, problems such as cracks and arcing occur due to differences in the coefficient of thermal expansion and distribution of electric field strength, which limits its application. PSM, a highly functional surface modification technology, Maintain the properties of the metal bulk, By changing only the surface to a compound with high functional properties, it is possible to solve the problems of the general coatings so It is emerging as the next generation technology

“Highly functional Surface (Electronic, magnetic, photonic, biological, catalytic, chemical)”

PSM Properties

  • Corrosion protection from the process gas(F, Cl, O2)
  • Erosion protection
  • Excellent abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, plasma resistance.
  • No dimension change.
  • Low temperature process(<150°C) : No distortion
    (Using semiconductor process technology)
  • No particle issue.
    (No crack and delamination issue)
  • Uniform coating regardless of shape
    (ex, showerhead hole).


High temperature process equipment Applied to core parts in the chamber.

  • shower head(Gas distributor)
  • Metal heater
  • various bolt and parts

Plasma Surface Modification

Item Al Bare External Coating PSM
Type 6061, High purity Anodizing, Y2O3 F PSM, N PSM
Thickness > 20㎛ < 2㎛
Anti-corrosion × / ○
Anti-plasma × / ○
Low temperature process ◎ / ×
Life time ×
Shape changing(Hole size) ×(Size)
High temperature process (CVD, ALD) ×(Crack)
Price ◎ / ○ ○ / ×
Application Dry Etcher CVD, ALD etc